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Start by sharing basic information regarding your website requirements

Together, we:

  • Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, upon request
  • Figure out the nature of your current activity and of your projects
  • Evaluate the content you want on the website
  • Find the development strategy best suited to your schedule and budget
  • Understand how the website can grow in sync with your activity


We build a custom proposal that’s tailor-made for you.
We write a proposal which is both:

  • comprehensive as it describes: website features, tools we will use, schedule, budget, and maintenance
  • and simple to understand: we attach diagrams, wire-frame mock ups, and explain all technical terms.

Besides developing the website we can also help:

  • Choose then register a domain name
  • Find the most efficient web host
  • source illustrations
  • write copy
  • design your logo and graphic chart
  • design your stationary.


The website is exclusively designed for you!

  • Our designer submits a mock design of your home page.
  • We create wire-frames for each of your individual pages.
  • Our designer takes your feedback and proceeds with the changes on the home page design and inner page layouts


Website is carefully coded.

We keep you informed at every step.

We use our custom developed inhouse tool to keep you updated about the current status of the development.

We use state of the art technology compiled with tools and development which include practices in order to craft a durable, efficient, fast and maintainable website:

  • WordPress, our choice development platform
  • WooCommerce, to create e-commerce websites


Website is tested on a range of devices

Across all browsers.

All our websites are coded to be fully responsive — they are nicely displayed:

on any platform: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and soon: smartwatches
on the currently most recent Web browsers.

We automatically test the website at every form factor.


Website is live! You receive a detailed Handover as soon as you decide the website is good to go live, we help: Deploy the website to the final server which is fully protected against hacking and regularly backed-up on an external cloud drive. We then send you a Handover Document that can be accessed online.

When you access your Handover area, you get;

  • List of credentials (to the hosting server, to the website)
  • General administration manual:
  • Standard operations in the WordPress environment, glossary of technical terms


We have your back!
Website is maintained free of charge for 1 month.
Maintenance of the website is free of charge for one month after the website has gone live.
After that free maintenance period the client has the option to purchase site maintenance for an additional fee of approximately 15% of the development price.

It encompasses:

  • the correction of any bug or minor modification
  • the regular backup of the website and its database
  • the update of all components of the website: WordPress software, plugins, and Genesis framework
  • the constant protection against hackers
  • the performance and uptime monitoring, in cooperation with the hosting company.