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Who we are

Oomas is South Africa based IT and infrastructure solution/consultation company. Our vision is to become customer focused and global IT service provider company and to add value to our clients. We are passionate in  helping business through innovative technologies to reach and maximise their business dreams.

Oomas team have extensive experience in modern software solutions design, Digital marketing, Search engine optimisation as well as Virtual and augmented reality. We have experts with knowledge of systems integration, process improvement and IT infrastructure management.

Oomas was formed with the concept of providing feasible, affordable and practical solutions to our clients. We provide IT solutions such as web, mobile or desktop application development, application maintenance and upgrades, application support, IT infrastructure management, digital marketing and many more software related services.

Oomas has strategic partners in Africa as well as India. Our India team has a major focus on software development where as our teams in Africa are involved in IT management and consultation.


Why us

Oomas team adds value to your business and helps you focus on your core. Our vision is to help you do business and solve the technology glitches in your way.

IT Best Practices

Our service offerings are firmly grounded in IT best practices frameworks and processes to help our customers efficiently and effectively accomplish their business goals.

Continuous Process Improvement

We believe in Continuous Process Improvement to ensure internal process implementation for enhanced productivity.


Our technocrats and consultants enable our clients and partners compete more effectively in emerging markets.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Right solution for your business

We provide a valid and appropriate solution to our customers, where the solution shall help client focus on core business. We keep all the technical glitches out of your way to achieve your business goals.

Economical solutions

We design our solutions based on how much you want to spend on the technology at a specific point. Our solutions are always extensible to accommodate future expansions for your business.


Our code of conduct gives a transparent view of how we formulate our solutions. The process also helps you understand how the solution is linked to your daily business activities.

Dependable team

Our Experience

Development - 15 years
Infrastructure management - 12 years
Digital Marketing - 6 years
Testing - 11 years
Mobile Applications - 5 years